The TICK TACK Club is the newest incarnation by A PLACE IN TIME.

You’re whisked through a narrow passage into a dimly lit room, smoke rises from a curious table of bodies hunched around a radio craning to hear the crackling voice of the commentator describe the last race from Newmarket. In another corner, bookmakers signal next race’s odds in their unique sign language, swiftly chalking up the results on their stands. Around a piano, a mixed bag of joyful revellers belt out popular songs in a classic musical style.


Taking you to 1920’s Edwardian society, recreating the juxtaposition of the worlds of ‘Upstairs’ and ‘Downstairs’ separating the aristocrats & the riff-raffs. Lose yourself in this special place from a bygone era thru food, drink, immersive entertainment & a late night bar.